Reflection: Quizzes Quiz 2: Area & Perimeter Word Problems Using Metric Measurement - Section 2: Taking the Quiz


Word problems are always challenging for my students. Their scores on their exams reflected some very good work. Four students did not master the standard and could not always determine if area or perimeter should be used. Most students drew pictures to solve and those that didn't did not do as well. Pictures and strategies make a world of difference. When I handed back the quizzes, we shared thoughts about how the quiz went. This Educreations Video shows different samples displaying some great thinking, solving and reasoning as well as some inaccuracies.

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Quiz 2: Area & Perimeter Word Problems Using Metric Measurement

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
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Objective: SWBAT solve metric word problems involving area and perimeter.

Big Idea: Students take a quiz to help measure their progress in solving word problems involving area and perimeter using metric measurement.

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