Reflection: Failure and Imagination: How does J.K.Rowling get us to shift our thinking? - Section 3: Student Writing


Overall, I was really pleased with the work that the students did on this.  I do think that I will need to spend some additional time in the next lesson, but the initial responses indicate that the students are interested in the speaker's language and ability to connect rhetorical choices with the a speaker's situation.

Student Work here are some stronger examples:

See Response to #8, how the student compares/contrasts ethos here and in Cassius's speech.

See response to #1 as the student correctly identifies Rowling's rebuttal, that failure, however appropriate a platform for growth, isn't inherently fun.  


  Students Respond to Rhetorical Choices
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Failure and Imagination: How does J.K.Rowling get us to shift our thinking?

Unit 11: Analyzing Rhetoric in Julius Caesar and Contemporary Speeches
Lesson 5 of 16

Objective: SWBAT explain Rowling's rhetorical techniques in her message by identifying rhetorical techniques in her speech and taking online notes using their 1:1 Chromebooks.

Big Idea: We begin to examine rhetorical techniques in contemporary speeches in order to compare them to Antony's speech in a later lesson.

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