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As I stated in my “Unit Introduction,” I’ve conducted book clubs a variety of ways. With one class this year, I’ve had students complete the same job each day so that there is little confusion as to what to do and students can share answers centered around the same focus. However, in my second class, students are able to work a bit more independently and so they each have a different job within their group. This allows for longer conversations and broader focus within those discussions. It is for this group that I included the bottom section on today’s work page. It asks the student assigned to Selection Spinner to listen to the comments made by Captain Character to determine how the selection is important to a chosen character. This is just another way to encourage students to connect to each other’s comments during the group share and hold students responsible for being active listeners.

  Connections to Character
  Advanced Students: Connections to Character
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Book Groups: Selection Spinner

Unit 15: Book Groups
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT read selected passage, complete assigned task, and share completed work with their book groups.

Big Idea: Today's job is Selection Spinner and the focus is on locating details about the setting, conflict, and theme.

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English / Language Arts, Fiction (Reading), conflict, literature circles, Titanic, chapter book, book groups, book clubs, I survived, theme, setting
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