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Questioning. Such a seemingly simple skill, but still such a struggle! I was amazed at how simplistic most students’ questions were today. This is a skill we’ve worked on for much of the year and yet many students wrote short, basic questions that showed very little critical thinking.

It was my hope to do very little “preloading” or preteaching before setting students off to work in their groups. However, it became painfully clear that we need more meaningful practice in this area. After checking in with two groups in particular today, I plan to do a short mini lesson on questioning tomorrow. I will take examples of literal level questioning that I found today and rewrite a couple as models. We’ll talk about the difference between the questions and then work together as a group to rewrite a few together. Rather than checking in with all groups tomorrow, I’ll spend much of my time with these two groups.

  Unexpected Struggle
  Student Feedback: Unexpected Struggle
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Book Groups: Iron Investigator

Unit 15: Book Groups
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Objective: SWBAT read selected passage, complete assigned task, and share completed work with their book groups.

Big Idea: Today's job is "Iron Investigator." Students practice writing three types of questions and then "investigate" the text to find answers.

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