Reflection: Student Ownership Final Essay Peer Review: Two Stars and A Wish Plus (2 Days) - Section 3: Peer Review Protocol


I can’t tell you how proud I am of these students today!  They were so on task and making such poignant, meaningful comments that it was one of those times I could clearly see growth in their learning both regarding rhetoric, but also in their ability to participate in a strong academic discussion.  I really never saw the need to interrupt, and in fact I think my presence would have disrupted the flow of the conversations.  At the end of class I asked students how they felt, and a couple noted how they really liked the peer review sheet—that it helped focus them.  For me, I really saw how the consistent use of protocols taught students how to have an academic conversation—a couple groups changed the protocol to go around element by element from the sheet because it felt more natural, and I immediately saw that they had the better idea, and offered it to everyone. 

Another side note regarding the speaking and listening growth, as well as reading and writing growth I saw today, is that it really has me question the value of the block schedule.  AP classes are the only ones that run a full year in our building, and this is the first one I’ve taught.  The growth the students have shown in the second half of the year—the time a lose my fall English classes—makes me think that maybe time in terms of days on learning is more important than hours on learning (long-block provides more clock time on learning than other school schedules).  And, that some of the growth on things like speaking and listening may not show up substantially on standardized tests.  Of course, block schedule is more economically efficient, so the likelihood of changing is small!

  Outstanding Focus by Students
  Student Ownership: Outstanding Focus by Students
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Final Essay Peer Review: Two Stars and A Wish Plus (2 Days)

Unit 13: Exam Preparation and Review
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Objective: SWBAT use their knowledge of rhetorical appeals and strategies to provide feedback to their peers.

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