Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Best Book Project Day 1 - Section 3: Wrap Up


I learned from experience with my first class of the day that students do not self-check their pics.

Our webcams have a "mirror" feature that some students didn't realize was on when they took their selfie.  When I displayed them on screen, several had taken a "mirror" image pic which made everything appear in reverse -including the book cover.  These students didn't realize it because they didn't even look at the pic before saving and sharing. 

So, we had a quick discussion about self assessment being a "real world skill".  After this initial class, I had that discussion before selfie time. Se my video with this lesson for more "selfie advice"

  Self-Assessment isn't just for Writing
  Student Self-Assessment: Self-Assessment isn't just for Writing
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Best Book Project Day 1

Unit 13: Year-End Review: Putting it all Together
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT create and share a electronic image for their end of year project advertising books to next year's students.

Big Idea: Time for our final project! "But first…let me take a selfie."

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