Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Adding & Subtracting Fractions - Section 3: Student Practice


I was careful to not overwhelm students when conferencing with groups. For example, in this conference, Improper to Mixed Number, I encouraged students to change their improper fractions into mixed numbers. Later on, I'll work with these students on simplest form. With fractions, students can easily become stressed when asked to complete too many steps at one time. 

Here's an example of a student who was ready to think about simplest form: Finding Simplest Form. Using this computer application, she completely understood how 1 6/10 = 1 3/5. I had to set the camera down to further explain 6/10 divided by 2/2 = 3/5.  

  Diverse Entry Points: Simplest Form
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Adding & Subtracting Fractions

Unit 10: Fractions
Lesson 12 of 16

Objective: SWBAT add and subtract fractions with common denominators.

Big Idea: Students will use an interactive computer application to model the addition and subtraction of fractions.

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Math, Measurement and Methods, Fractions, Addition of Fractions, Subtraction of Fractions, Common Den, ruler, fraction equivalency, fraction tiles
  100 minutes
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