Reflection: Fall Sorting Fun - Section 2: Guided Practice


This lesson provides solid practice for students who have the "basics" of sorting down.  When students are struggling with the concept of sorting, this activity can be tough--especially when the glue sticks are out!  it's important to keep lots of support for the kiddos who struggle, which can be challenging if you have a large class.  When doing this lesson, some students only successfully sorted one way.

Developmentally, some students may not be ready to "shift gears" and sort a single set of objects three different ways at this point in the year.  I provided lots of support for my buddies who really struggled after that first "sort,"and we got through the activity together, but it was a clear indicator between the kids who have the concept and those who are still in beginning stages.

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Fall Sorting Fun

Unit 6: Sorting is Super!
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT color seasonal images and sort them 3 different ways.

Big Idea: If you'd like to get a really clear idea how well your students can sort, this activity will give you solid evidence--in a seasonal activity that lets student work be the stars!

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