Reflection: Checks for Understanding Short Story Analysis - Review Week Day 2 - Section 2: Independent Work/Wrap Up


This week is about review but at the same time I am checking for understanding on a higher level. Since these students are moving on soon, this is crunch time for me; therefore, I made the decision to approach this week in this way.  Rather than front load for my students, I want to see what they do with all the information on their own.  This allows me to correct misunderstandings and give my last suggestions. 

So, while it may seem like there is a lot of independent work and very little "lesson" time, there is a purpose and each day we are reviewing concepts within assignments and discussing both success and needs with student work.  In my opinion, this synthesis of ability an information is more powerful than trying to have full on lessons at this point.

  Why so much independent work?
  Checks for Understanding: Why so much independent work?
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Short Story Analysis - Review Week Day 2

Unit 13: Year-End Review: Putting it all Together
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze how story elements interact and impact each other and support their conclusions with evidence from the text.

Big Idea: Analyzing element interaction with a Gary Paulsen original.

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