Reflection: Student Feedback Rhetorical Analysis: Rick Reilly's "Why I Love My Job" - Section 3: Group Discussion


I was overall very happy with the students' analysis of the piece; they picked out specific words and phrases, and also talked a lot about structure.  I ended up using some of the questions from the textbook in kind of a backwards way--when a student, for example, noted that he starts and ends by talking about a college professor, I pointed out question 6 which asks about this as a "framing device."  By noting how a question was asked about the device they noticed, they can get a sense of how to anticipate questions, and be confident that they are in fact noticing things that are being asked, though the questions sometimes use different language.  We also had a nice discussion about his use of repetition, beginning each paragraph with "sports is" to create rhythm, and also how he creates ethos by mentioning how long he has covered sports.  Overall I feel good about their understanding of the rhetorical devices, and think that it will be more a matter of text complexity and the issue of timing on the standardized test.

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Rhetorical Analysis: Rick Reilly's "Why I Love My Job"

Unit 13: Exam Preparation and Review
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT recognize and evaluate the rhetorical strategies of a piece of writing while they are reading through a timed reading exercise.

Big Idea: Timed comprehension tests assess your ability to analyze a text while reading rather than after reading.

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