Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Telling a story through Kerpoof about the uniqueness of the USA as a Unit Assessment - Section 4: Closure


This lesson is important because it allowed students to organize their thoughts relative to their narrative story.  The narrative makes a cross-curricular social studies connection through writing. This way, during the next lesson, they are better prepared to go to the computer to begin typing their narrative in the online Kerpoof program.  This lesson is critical in improving the efficient use of class time.

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  Writing Across the Disciplines: Think It Through
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Telling a story through Kerpoof about the uniqueness of the USA as a Unit Assessment

Unit 3: This Land is Our Land
Lesson 16 of 17

Objective: SWBAT choose 1 of 3 writing prompts to use to write the dialogue of a Kerpoof story that tells about the uniqueness of the USA.

Big Idea: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the uniqueness of the USA by writing the dialogue of an original Kerpoof story.

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