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It took a bit longer than I expected to simply go over all the moving parts of the class as we move into the AP Exam, including asking students what they want to practice.  They expressed interest in doing some practice with multiple choice, because that is something they are nervous about.  Additionally, they have a final essay they are working on, and given that these students are all in at least one other AP class and therefore have at least one other exam they are preparing for, I’m going to modify the work of this week.  We will spend a couple days with sports texts as we focus on the reading part of the Exam, but I won't go as extensively into these readings I had planned.  After we work with a couple for review,  I will give them a couple days in class to work on their final essays.  Next week I will review rhetorical analysis and writing by having students do an extensive peer review of each-other’s essays.  This plan seems to do a better job of hitting as many of the main concepts as possible that they will see on the exam without being overwhelming, and without feeling too much like teaching to a test.

  Adjustments to the Week
  Student Feedback: Adjustments to the Week
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The Role of Sports in Our Culture

Unit 13: Exam Preparation and Review
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT determine their own viewpoint of an issue and write their point of view based on a prompt.

Big Idea: The more often you write about your point of views, the stronger writer you become.

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Writing, English / Language Arts, pre-reading, analysis, peer review, rhetorical analysis
  60 minutes
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