Reflection: Intervention and Extension Introduction to Parts of a Whole - Section 3: Independent Practice


In my teaching career, I have often focused most of my time and energy on students who struggle to understand mathematical concepts, working to find ways to concretely model for these students or providing modifications and accommodations so that these students can be successful.  Recently, I have been working to try to provide the same level of support and planning for my higher achieving students.  One strategy that has worked well for me is giving higher achieving students a challenge worksheet or challenge task to finish when they are done with other work.  These challenges generally push student thinking beyond the day's objective and engage students in problem solving on problem types that are more challenging than those done during class time.  My students generally embrace these challenges and are able to work together to problem solve and reason through these tasks and worksheets.  Giving students this extension work also gives me more time to work with students who are in need of intervention and/or remediation since the challenge work is usually independent.  

  Use of challenge worksheets
  Intervention and Extension: Use of challenge worksheets
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Introduction to Parts of a Whole

Unit 9: Partitioning Shapes
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT explain fraction names and notation through an understanding of parts of a whole.

Big Idea: Students build upon their knowledge of partitioning circles and rectangles to discuss and explore what happens when one or more sections of the whole are taken away.

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Math, Fractions, Geometry, parts of a whole, shapes
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