Reflection: Performance Tasks Town Hall Debate - Are you a Loyalist or Patriot? - Section 4: Town Hall!


Instead of doing two smaller debates, we had one large one.  The debate lasted about 30 minutes and scholars became much more heated than normal!  It was great to hear everyone participate and to see the dynamic when scholars had a side that they must argue.  I also think that the research and opinion piece that led up to the debate helped the discussion to be a bit more heated than usual.  Scholars spent a few days researching so they had lots of support for their opinions.  

  Debated in one group
  Performance Tasks: Debated in one group
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Town Hall Debate - Are you a Loyalist or Patriot?

Unit 13: Voices of the Revolution - Part III
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT convince others of their opinions in a Town Hall Debate.

Big Idea: On which side do you fall?

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