Reflection: Accountability Close Reading A Lesson Before Dying - Section 3: Read-Write-Share Chapter 16


Reading in class takes a lot of time, but, alas, as the end of the year approaches, students are being less and less accountable to their work. For some of my students, this may be the only time they actually spend reading the book--the rest, SparkNoted (if I'm lucky).

There's value in reading, and I hope that, even though I'm fighting a non-reading battle, these days spend reading together will help build skills and perhaps even interest in the written word.

  Taking Time for Reading
  Accountability: Taking Time for Reading
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Close Reading A Lesson Before Dying

Unit 6: Purpose Across Multiple Texts
Lesson 14 of 17

Objective: SWBAT read for subtle inferences and tone by reading and discussing together.

Big Idea: One word can change meaning--close reading A Lesson Before Dying.

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English / Language Arts, equality (American Govt), close reading, analyze details, comparison, historical background, equality
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