Reflection: High Expectations Vocab Final Review - Socrative Test - Section 1: Students Present Their "Lessons"


I am going to have to climb up on my soapbox, so give me a moment.

Kids need words.

Lots of words.  

Myriad words.  

A plethora of words.

And they don't get them. Words are free and available to everyone.  Yet, we are stingy with them.  We say, "those words are too hard."  Or, "a third grader doesn't need to know that word."  And we take them out and keep them to ourselves and tell everyone that it is in the interest of fairness.  And that is a lie. 

A rich and varied vocabulary is a powerful tool.  Can it be acquired through reading? That would be nice.   The fact is that vocabulary growth happens organically for some kids, not all, even if they read regularly.  So, I believe in the out-of-fashion act of  teaching vocabulary.  I teach it in context, in conversation, and even all by itself through our warm ups with Latin roots.  I teach prefixes, suffixes, roots and cool words like ludic (playful) and phlegmatic (sluggish) and sanguine (cheerful.)

People might ask me which TIER those words are in, as if classification gives legitimacy.  To them, I say "the top one."  Let the doubters page through their binders, looking for the page that gives us license to do what we know is right.  I mean, does someone really have to green light your common sense?

And if you ever find yourself questioning the value of teaching vocabulary, ask yourself this question:  Which of your words are you willing to surrender?  

That's what I thought.

  No words?
  High Expectations: No words?
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Vocab Final Review - Socrative Test

Unit 15: Vocabulary Lessons and Resources
Lesson 1 of 1

Objective: SWBAT present good reviews to help peers prepare for the final, cumulative test. SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of Latin roots learned over the course of a school year.

Big Idea: Each one, teach one...then each one, take one (test.)

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