Reflection: Intervention and Extension Simplifying Expressions - Section 2: Being clear with your process


Many students struggle when asked to factor an expression. In our textbook, the examples often leave out the steps for factoring. Thus, it is not a good resource for my students. My students need to see the middle steps to understand. I keep this in mind as I lead today's lesson. I will rewrite the line prior to factored expressions on the board so that students can see the reasoning not included in the solutions. This applies to student work as well.  

I tell students that they will be employing a lot of different algebra techniques with the trigonometric functions.  I also explain that it is sometimes easier to write the expression as an algebra problem then convert back to trigonometric functions. In this example I change cot x to c (see page 3 of example). Students see the structure of the expression once the expression looks like the algebra they have done before. I have found rewriting expressions that require factoring very helpful for students who lack confidence in their algebra skills.


  Working with algebra skills
  Intervention and Extension: Working with algebra skills
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Simplifying Expressions

Unit 9: Trigonometric Identities
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use the fundamental identities to simplify expressions.

Big Idea: Through the use of fundamental trigonometric identities expressions can be rewritten.

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Math, simplifying expressions, Trigonometric identities, PreCalculus
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