Reflection: Student Grouping Sentence Variety Engages Readers - Section 3: Partner Response Practice


Before this lesson, I set a new seating chart so that at each table, the partners would 1. be able to work well together and 2. have enough academic power to figure out the sentence structures through discussion. I used my knowledge of my students' abilities and motivation to create this seating chart, though I certainly didn't tell them that I did so.

Scaffolded lessons can greatly benefit from intentional grouping, and based on how well students worked on this activity, my choices were successful.

  Intentional Seating
  Student Grouping: Intentional Seating
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Sentence Variety Engages Readers

Unit 8: Research Writing
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify sentence structures as a step toward more variety.

Big Idea: Simple? Compound? Complex? Sentence structure and variety matters.

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