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Common Core standards are all about rigor. Having kids perform or parrot tasks is not good enough anymore. Kids need to be able to explain how and why they are doing what they do when reasoning mathematically. Start in kindergarten to get kids used to defending their thinking so that by the time the get into the higher grades they have a deep understanding of what they are doing throughout the steps in a process.

  Knowing what you're doing and being able to explain it
  High Expectations: Knowing what you're doing and being able to explain it
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Making 11 to 19

Unit 4: Learning Numbers 11-19
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify and build teen numbers by drawing a teen number and using base-ten blocks to build it.

Big Idea: This lesson is to be taught AFTER ten-frames are understood. The concept of place value is challenging to young children. This lesson helps them understand that teen numbers are made from one ten and extra ones.

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