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I have taught this reading passage for years; however, I never considered using close reading for comparing the characters.  One thing I discovered I would do next time is give students the page numbers that include information about Nathan or his Grandparents.  I think this will save some time and help students focus on finding the character traits instead of looking throughout the text - especially since they just partner read it.  Another thing I would do is have my students include the page numbers to cite their writing in their journals, as the student did in the video Remembering to Add Page Numbers, in the Independent Practice section.  This would allow me to quickly hone in on the use of text evidence. 

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Close Reading to Compare Characters

Unit 3: Learning New Words and Making Discoveries
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use text clues to determine the character traits of the main characters.

Big Idea: Your students will gain practice using close reading strategies to identify character traits.

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