Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Where Do These Nails Go? - Section 3: Measurement and Marking


The students work diligently on this task. From the very beginning, they struggle but do not stop, nor complain. If anything, they work even harder.  
The first task is to score the side boards with lines at specific intervals.  Working as a team, they must find the beginning line, measure in full and fractional intervals, and work to figure out how to draw a long, straight line.
Spatially, they needed to re-draw the lines on the other side of the boards, where the measurements are reversed. Then, they need to work with division and adding/subtracting strategies to figure out placement of the nails, after they determine how many nails each board requires.
This is hard work, but as strong teams and excited builders, the students persevere and get most of the job done! 

  Where Should the Nails Go?
  Problem-based Approaches: Where Should the Nails Go?
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Where Do These Nails Go?

Unit 11: Going Batty Over Measurement and Geometry
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to apply measuring and perimeter knowledge to solve a real life problem of building a bat house using only 28 nails.

Big Idea: Students deserve and need opportunities to work with their knowledge inside of a real life situation that means something to them. This unit, and this lesson, requires students to apply many of this school year's skills.

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Math, Measurement, Geometry, Measurement and Methods, division, model with math, perimeter, interval, Rich Task, shapes
  60 minutes
bat house with nails
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