Reflection: Lesson Planning Analyzing and Using Figurative Language in Poetry - Section 3: Independent Practice


The reason I choose alliteration, simile and metaphor to focus on today was because when my students took the Figurative Language preview as quiz, I could see that the majority of the class needed these for a review. I am also attaching a Figurative Language quiz one could give their students after the unit. I realize that other literary devices are "higher level," but I had to meet the kids where they were at.

Also for the students who knew these three devices, I could push the other students towards including the other ones from the preview into their poetry and the preview sheet becomes a resource sheet.

Shout out to colleague Tess Abellera for these resources!

  Lesson Planning: Why I picked these liteary devices
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Analyzing and Using Figurative Language in Poetry

Unit 14: Poetry
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT determine the meaning of figurative words in a poem in order to revise their poem for deeper meaning.

Big Idea: Does it matter that Sally sold seashells by the seashore?

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