Reflection: Organizational Systems Using our Analysis to Brainstorm Poetry - Section 2: Lesson Opener


The poetry unit is one in which having a full writers notebook that the students can use for a resource is so important. Now do all of the 7th graders keep careful track of their notebooks? Of course not, I teach 13 year olds. They carry them home with them to do homework because I want it to truly be their responsibility. Here are some ways I have helped students keep track of their notebook:

1) During the first unit they write personal stories, no one wants to loose those, especially in the days of social media. 

2) Have students decorate the front. This can be homework or I have taken class time for students to glue pictures they bring from home or cut out pictures that will help them brainstorm for future writing. 

3) Grade the whole notebook weekly. I know this sounds like a lot, put have students put a post-it just ONE page that shows their best writing for the week, one that shows the skills they have practiced. Then quickly check for volume in the whole notebook; that way you have a craft and volume grade. 

  Using the Writers Notebook as a Resource
  Organizational Systems: Using the Writers Notebook as a Resource
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Using our Analysis to Brainstorm Poetry

Unit 14: Poetry
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT use past brainstorming and their analysis in order to craft a poem.

Big Idea: Think deeper about the important things in your life!

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the best things in life are the people you love the places youve seen the memories youve made alog the way
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