Reflection: Intervention and Extension Comparing Interpretations of a Poem - Section 1: Lesson Opener


You would be right if you were thinking, "I bet she just showed Ben Harper because she loves him." Even though he is my pretend boyfriend, I really showed his interpretation to the students so they could understand that poems take on different meaning for different people. 

I also told them that when they write poetry, it's okay if someone interprets it differently than how you meant it to be written, poems take on their own meanings sometimes. If they do, that means you truly made an impact.

On the day that I am typing this, Maya Angelou has left us and I am grateful for Still I Rise, it has made an impact on so many of us and hopefully my students.

The New York times also came out with great resources for teaching the works of Maya Angelou. Check it out here.


  Why show two interpretations?
  Intervention and Extension: Why show two interpretations?
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Comparing Interpretations of a Poem

Unit 14: Poetry
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast a poem to audio and visual versions in order to analyze the different interpretations of it's meaning.

Big Idea: Ben Harper and Maya Angelou; an unlikely pair?

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maya angelou and ben harper
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