Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Same As Subtraction 9 & 10 - Section 5: Closure


Since not all kids enter the classroom at the same level, it is not fair to expect them to learn at the same pace. The complete page below demonstrates a student who is a little slower at completing activities than other kids, but really gets the concept being taught. For him, it was essential that he find all the nines first, then the tens. He solved all of the problems on the equation sheet first then began cutting and pasting all the nines. He would have pasted on the tens if there was more time.

What's the point here?

Simple. It's okay that he only finished the nines. He may have been going a little slower than the other kids, but he certainly demonstrated that he understands subtraction and the concept of finding like differences. In my eyes, this is as complete as a student who cut and glued all the equations in the correct spots.

  Diverse Entry Points: Not all at the same pace
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Same As Subtraction 9 & 10

Unit 11: Same As
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify equations with like differences by solving subtractions and gluing them in the correct difference column.

Big Idea: Kinders grasp addition quickly while subtraction is a little more challenging so taking in slowly is most beneficial. This series of lessons build on each other to maximize learning opportunities.

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