Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Where Do These Nails Go? - Section 2: Present the Problem


This type of hook is exactly what makes real-world problems exciting for students to solve.  As the children discuss what they might have to do, I heard some say, "We need to measure." or, "They need to be equal distance apart".  

So much conversation came from me asking one question, "What will you do in order to use all 28 nails and build your bat house?"  Good questions, that engage and create a sense of need for the use of mathematical concepts and practices is critical in a math community.  

There was not one minute today when the students were asking me questions, and of each other. The discussions were incredibly full of math and everyone was busy.

One question = unending learning and curiosity. 

  What Is The Problem Anyway?
  Discourse and Questioning: What Is The Problem Anyway?
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Where Do These Nails Go?

Unit 11: Going Batty Over Measurement and Geometry
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to apply measuring and perimeter knowledge to solve a real life problem of building a bat house using only 28 nails.

Big Idea: Students deserve and need opportunities to work with their knowledge inside of a real life situation that means something to them. This unit, and this lesson, requires students to apply many of this school year's skills.

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Math, Measurement, Geometry, Measurement and Methods, division, model with math, perimeter, interval, Rich Task, shapes
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bat house with nails
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