Reflection: Student Ownership It's a hard life! - Section 3: Independent Practice


During the guided and independent portions of the lesson, I was convinced that the lesson was going well, with the students engaged and showing through comments and written notes that they understood the importance of identifying the problems that story characters have. As I read their independent work, the insightful (at least for six years olds) comments were evidence that it had indeed been a successful lesson. There were probably two reasons for that:

1) Careful scaffolding during the guided practice, with students receiving models from myself and from their peers.

2) Letting them choose the story for the independent work, which ensured that they understood the story and were familiar with the elements.

I was pleased to see that even a struggling student who is at an early intermediate phase of English development was able to complete the assignment, showing that he had comprehended the different problems explicit and implicit in Samantha, the story he chose. Letting struggling students and English learners choose their book and work with something that they felt confident in allowed them to show they had mastered the lesson without their reading or writing ability interfering with the learning objective. It also helped them to know that they only had to put notes in their chart, instead of complete sentences. This let them really focus on the characters' problems.

  Student Ownership: Success for all
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It's a hard life!

Unit 1: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify problems that different characters have.

Big Idea: Problems (and their solutions): they are what keeps a story moving.

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