Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Introducing Multiplication of Fractions to Whole Numbers: Building on Prior Knowledge - Section 2: Using Prior Knowledge to Understand a New Idea


Connecting this lesson to my student's prior knowledge of multiplication of whole numbers really revealed to me how Common Core had deepened their understanding and was making it easier for them to grasp multiplying fractions. In my video, you can hear my appreciation and enthusiasm for this lesson today and how much it meant to me to have this careful planning become something unexpected! Watching Conceptual Understanding Deepen Through Common Core

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Watching Conceptual Understanding Deepen with Common Core
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Introducing Multiplication of Fractions to Whole Numbers: Building on Prior Knowledge

Unit 8: Fractions 3 Mini Unit: Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT show two different ways of multiplying a fraction by a whole number.

Big Idea: Students realize how their prior knowledge helps them solve and explain multiplying fractions with whole numbers .

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