Reflection: Student Ownership Celebration of Learning Presentations (Days 1 to 5) - Section 6: Day Five: Leadership and Accountability


One of my other classes has a community partnership with a local business called LeadLocal. Though their ConnectEd program, my class developed a digital media competition that would promote great teaching and teachers for the nonprofit Tucson Values Teachers.  TVT would use the videos to promote a crowdfunding campaign for school supplies. Over 100 student entered the competition. This is the 2nd place video mentioned in the presentation, "Why do I choose Tucson High".

I want my student to try new things and take risks.  I was really proud of the effort she put into this competition.  She did it out of pure desire to learn or curiosity. No grade was attached--not even extra credit.  How do you get your students to take risks or try new things?   

  Student Ownership: Taking Risks
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Celebration of Learning Presentations (Days 1 to 5)

Unit 10: Cultural Visions: Researching Responses to Essential Questions
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT present information and supporting evidence concisely and logically so that an audience can follow the line of reasoning by sharing a presentation that connects their learning from the year to their goals.

Big Idea: What do you want to do and how will you get there? Students examine their sophomore year of high school to determine how their learning will help them accomplish their short and long term goals.

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