Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Peer Editing and Revising Research Papers - Section 4: Closure: Work To Do Reflection


In this lesson it is important to look out for student response, not only to each others writing but to their own writing. Pay close attention to what students are saying about what they have written as they share their research papers with their partners. In the beginning of the lesson it is important to make sure that students are able to come up with clear areas that they want to work on with the hope that they can work on those areas once they leave the classroom.

What I was surprised by is how a few students thought their papers were not as effective as they actually were. Many students had areas that they thought needed to be worked on but realized, after sharing with a partner, they those major areas only needed minor touch-ups. This is great for me to hear as a teacher and I really credit students for working hard not only throughout this process but throughout the entire year. They were able to understand what these writing qualities are and how we can apply them across various writing assignments.

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  Positive Reinforcement: Student Confidence
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Peer Editing and Revising Research Papers

Unit 7: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part III
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT gain insights into their research papers through peer revision and editing.

Big Idea: Asking for the right kind of help in the right kind of way.

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