Reflection: Student Ownership Collaboration, Production, and Publication of the EQ Essay - Section 2: Applying Knowledge: Student Work Independently on Essays and Presentations


So, this student had to link his findings in his EQ to his presentation. The point of giving the students so much individualized work time in class was to allow them to put it all together. This student still did not have time to really plan out his presentation and its connection to his EQ. He had the information but did not have adequate preparation for his presentation. His EQ is about how performers relate to an audience. He decided to engage his audience as if we were not only his presentation audience but also his performance audience. The switch between audiences was not smooth. As soon as he went into performance mode, he lost his audience awareness and slipped into a presentation style that was too casual for school.  

I struggle with teaching audience awareness and presentations. Audience is difficult for kids to grasp. As readers, they assume that they are the audience. The capacity to separate oneself from the reading and explore the author's intention and audience is a challenge.  When teaching audience awareness and presentations, I want my students to feel safe, but I don't want them to see the class as casual and/or an extension of a social encounter.  Safety and appropriateness are difficult for me to balance.  Perhaps I should have spent some of their individual time working with them on audience. 

  Student Ownership: The Capacity to Link Information
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Collaboration, Production, and Publication of the EQ Essay

Unit 10: Cultural Visions: Researching Responses to Essential Questions
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Objective: SWBAT publish their argumentative essay by using a computer to revise, polish, and submit their essential question essay.

Big Idea: What needs to be done? Students work to finalize their argumentative essay and submit it. Extra time? Students gather and organize evidence for their final presentation.

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