Reflection: Checks for Understanding Comparing and Contrasting the Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts of My Life Changing Event - Section 4: Comparing and Contrasting My Story and My Friends Version of My Story


The whole point of have the students interview and write about a friend, then writing about their own experience, was to show that their are similarities between their firsthand and secondhand accounts and the firsthand and secondhand account of Ruby Bridges.  Drawing in those parallels was successful.  The students were able to see that a firsthand account contains more detail and feeling than a secondhand account contains.

  Parallels were Successful
  Checks for Understanding: Parallels were Successful
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Comparing and Contrasting the Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts of My Life Changing Event

Unit 6: Ruby Bridges
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the firsthand and secondhand accounts of their own life changing events.

Big Idea: We have written firsthand and secondhand accounts of a life changing event in our lives. Today we will look at the similarities and differences in those versions.

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