Reflection: Performance Tasks Creating an organizational structure for opinion writing - Section 3: Guided Practice


During the guided and independent practices today, i actually used some time to assess my students' reading levels.  Each year we give the IRI (a type of running record) at the beginning and end of year to gauge student growth.  Click here for an IRI overview.  I usually use some combination of lunch/specials and in-class time to complete these assessments since they are 1 on 1 and done best in a quiet room.  Scholars were able to quickly and efficiently research and organize their ideas, so I took advantage of their independence with this lesson and also pulled a few students to assess.  

  Performance Tasks: Used this time to assess
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Creating an organizational structure for opinion writing

Unit 13: Voices of the Revolution - Part III
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT logically group ideas together and begin to draft opinion pieces.

Big Idea: How do I organize opinion writing and write in an engaging way?

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creating org structure
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