Reflection: Performance Tasks Mastering Measurement - Assessment - Section 1: Application of Measurement Skills


In this photo, you can see the student answered the question correctly and knew that  1000 grams equals one kilogram. The student converted the weight of the box to grams in order to solve the problem.  This student has a solid understanding of converting between grams and kilograms as well as an understanding of what the problem is asking. 


In this problem, the student has a lot of erasing so it is difficult to see what was tried first.  This student does not seem to understand what the problem is asking.  He/she seems to identify $3.25 (which is what the bananas would cost) but then multiplies that by 10.  This student would also benefit by asking him/herself if the answer of $32.50 makes sense.  I had many students get this question correct. 



In this question, this student correctly converts the kilograms to grams, but then subtracts incorrectly.  I was happy to see the conversion but plan to remind this student about checking work with inverse operations. 



 In this question, you can see that the student understood that Ben (boy in the problem) had 60 minutes to get ready for school. The student appears to have added up the other minutes mentally and then subtracted that from 60.  This was a common approach to this problem for many students. 



 This paper shows another variation of converting between hours and minutes to solve the problem. 



Overall, I was very pleased with my students work and scores. I was reminded that at this time of year (end) many of my students would have done better if they had checked their work and remembered to think about if their answers made sense.   

You can also see from this spreadsheet that most of my students missed the first three questions.   


  Performance Tasks: Assessment Findings
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Mastering Measurement - Assessment

Unit 10: Measurment
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate proficiency in using the four operations to solve word problems involving distances, intervals of time, mass, and money. Students will express measurements given in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit.

Big Idea: In this summative assessment students solve eight word problems involving measurements conversions.

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