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One student today was unhappy that I hadn't told them in advance (as they read) to consider the role of education. I did point out to him that when he reads in "real life," he'll need to make his own purpose, but in a nod to his request, I gave a clear reading purpose for their homework. We'll talk about manhood and progress Jefferson is [not] making on our next discussion day, so this will help them prepare.

  Give a Purpose for Reading
  Student Feedback: Give a Purpose for Reading
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Where Purpose Meets Content

Unit 6: Purpose Across Multiple Texts
Lesson 12 of 17

Objective: SWBAT analyze character behavior for purpose and make connections to real life by engaging in discussion.

Big Idea: Why learn what we learn? Purpose and content are related.

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English / Language Arts, equality (American Govt), character analysis, purpose, discussions, analyze details, comparison, historical background, equality
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