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Some students struggle all year, and finally show signs of "getting it" now.  The number line opener can take a while for some kids.  Like, nearly the whole period.

At one table of struggling students, they finally got the opener done, but then didn't even want to show me.  I looked at the three pieces of work, and on student said, "we didn't copy off each other!"  I said, "I can tell that you didn't because your answer are different."

Then I saw that one of the three had everything right.  She beamed.  I told the other two check their work against hers.

The magic is what happened next.  When they chose what to do (the first part of the Four Lines activity), I told them to help each other out...asked if they would...then told them to support each other, build each other up (video?) -- the only thing you're not allowed to say, I said, is this is too hard!.  

They left the work in their folders, but then one of the three asked if that was the right thing to do.  I said, why don't you take it with you and give it a try tonight.  She said that was a good idea, and took it.  Moments later, her two colleagues rushed back into the room to pick up the work, so they can do the same.  The feeling of success breeds more success, and that's what we're trying to cultivate in this class.

  Success Story: Getting the Number Line and Chasing that Feeling
  Student Ownership: Success Story: Getting the Number Line and Chasing that Feeling
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Review and Work Periods

Unit 11: Functions and Modeling
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT review topics from throughout the year and complete assignments of their choice.

Big Idea: Daily review openers are used to frame different ideas before students continue along their own paths.

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