Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Why George Washington? Analyzing a Text and Painting - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


My students struggled a bit with understanding what a turning point was and how these are relevant to a war. I shared what it was and told them how winning the war made the moral improve but I could tell that the connections were not really being made. This is such a big part of the development of our timeline that I knew that I needed to make adjustments in my next lessons to review this term and give examples in the reading we did to continue to expose them to what it meant in context - this is a teaching practice I have changed since we implemented the CCSS standards. I use to give them definitions and fancy charts, or we would write the definitions in our journals, but my students never really gained the deeper understanding until I added the learning goals to reading passages. For example, with this one I have a this great book in my classroom that really supports what happened in Washington's early battles and give students a visual understanding (although a rather beautifully painted one) of the battles and soldiers who fought them. It would be a good book to use to show and discuss the "turning points" and how they made the moral and confidence that they could win increase.

There are also a timeline included that could show the major events to use for this same evaluation - turning up? or turning down? discussions. I included a picture of the book by Lynne Cheney, "Washington Crossing the Delaware"



  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Vocabulary review
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Why George Washington? Analyzing a Text and Painting

Unit 4: Our American's Revolution - A Time For Change
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT...explain and write how the author and illustrator used reasons and evidence to support why George Washington was chosen to be the commander of the Colonial Army

Big Idea: Leadership skills are something that we all can develop if we work hard and never give up on our goals. We will evaluate both a painting and a text to determine why George Washington was chosen to lead our country.

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