Reflection: Intervention and Extension Writing Prompt #2: MP3 Constructing Multifacited Arguments - Section 3: Grading Writing in Mathematics


Attached you will find a video narrative outlining my approach to coaching a student who struggles with is writing.  This particular student has an IEP with significant writing goals.  Just because I am the student's math teacher does not mean that I am exempt from teaching the him this valuable skill.  In fact, the student actually enjoys math and writing in my class might actually be more attractive to him than writing in a regular english  

The student's work has also been attached as a resource to help you get a feel for where I am coming from with this particular student. 

  Intervention and Extension: Sample Student Work - Writing Goal
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Writing Prompt #2: MP3 Constructing Multifacited Arguments

Unit 6: Writing Prompts in Mathematics
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT reflect on the math practice standards and establish which are most important to their success.

Big Idea: Writing in math class? YES!

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