Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Informative Essay Writing - Section 3: Drafting Workshop


 . . . I may develop a "character tracker" for my students to keep as we begin our To Kill a Mockingbird unit, so that once the characters are assigned, each student can keep a running list of where his/her character shows up in the novel, what the character says, how the character acts, etc, as we make our way through the text.  I can see how this could make an activity like today's body paragraph drafting run more smoothly.

Or maybe I won't.  I can also see me and my students forgetting to make entries on a character tracker as we explore the many additional activities I have incorporated into teaching this text.

Today actually went quite well, which I attribute to how much my students have grown to love this book and how memorable the events and characters have become to them.  I was able to easily steer my students towards the proper pages whenever they requested my help, and many of my students had already been thinking of what they will write about their character since I shared the complete assignment with them in this lesson.

Nonetheless, a character tracker would be an easy adjustment to make to this assignment, and based on the dynamics of a teacher's student population, might be worth the effort.

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Informative Essay Writing

Unit 13: To Kill A Mockingbird Part III
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT begin drafting the informative essay that will accompany their To Kill a Mockingbird character shoe project.

Big Idea: If these are Boo's shoes, then tell us why!

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