Reflection: Coherence Hey, Boo: Mockingbird Makes Its Exit - Section 2: Whole Group Review


I was surprised by how many of my students really believed Heck Tate, that Bob Ewell falls on his knife.  My first instinct is to blame this on their rushed enthusiasm to read through the chapters, most likely missing the subtle clues along the way.

Thus, our whole group review turned into an opportunity to return to the text for specific evidence, which proved to be beneficial to many of my students, judging by the number of times I heard "OH! Now I get it!" throughout the day.  This gave me an opportunity to reinforce the necessity of working with a text to provide text-based answers and inferences, which has been an ongoing goal throughout this year.  Plus, it was pretty fun to watch my students sleuth their way through the evidence like detectives.

  Working With The Evidence
  Coherence: Working With The Evidence
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Hey, Boo: Mockingbird Makes Its Exit

Unit 13: To Kill A Mockingbird Part III
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT review the final chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird through their own focus questions, followed by the conclusion of the film.

Big Idea: Saying goodbye to Maycomb.

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