Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Inferring Key Points in the Story - Section 2: Inferring Why You Have to Be Quiet - Guided Practice


     Ever since I have started along the Common Core path I've redefined what I thought was too hard for my students. 2 years ago I never would have attempted to have my first graders infer from a text.  2 years ago my thought was, "Inferring is a skill for 2nd or 3rd graders.  Developmentally, first graders aren't able to infer." I didn't learn the Common Core standards overnight.  There was a long learning curve for me and it took time for me to feel comfortable teaching the standards.  As I felt more comfortable I wanted to push the envelope with my students as really see what they were capable of.  In the ELA classroom I am like a "mad scientist".  I am always experimenting and trying new things with my class. 

     One of the things that I experimented with is having my students infer.  I wanted to make sure that students were writing so they were responding to text and so they could write out their thought processes.  Another important part of teaching students to infer is to have them discuss what they're thinking.  This is the reason why we do so much talking.  I want my students to hear other people's thoughts and opinions so they could learn from each other.  This way, if students are having a hard time with the concept of inferring they can learn from the person who is speaking and not be embarrassed.  My students have risen to the occasion and can infer from text.  I am going to continue to push the envelope with future classes and see how much more they can accomplish that I haven't already demanded from them yet. 

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Inferring Key Points in the Story

Unit 21: A First Grade Reading Comprehension Unit on "Owl Moon"
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT retell the story by describing the characters, setting and major events using key details.

Big Idea: Today we are going to be inferring in order to answer questions about the major events in the story.

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English / Language Arts, cause / effect context clue, inferring, cause and effect, relationship, storytelling
  55 minutes
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