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The most precise way to calculate estimated time of arrival for each of these 10 mile intervals would be to use the formula distance/speed.  Dividing each would allow the student to find a whole number answer and a decimal remainder, then interpret the remainder for each division problem.  Dividing would account for the decimals and make each answer more accurate. 

However, students use repeated reasoning to to add on from 10 miles (36 mins) or (40 mins).  I praise students for using this strategy and take the time to explain why different groups will have different answers.  This strategy is reasonable and effective.  

I have chosen to help students feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to flexibly approach problems.  10 complex division problems can be coming frustrating and discouraging for students at this point.  Where as adding on is manageable, reasonable, and practical.  

At this time, I believe I will eventually allow students an opportunity to calculate each of these times, using division (with a calculator).  For now, I will help students understand that .6 is an estimate. 

  Repeated Reasoning
  Diverse Entry Points: Repeated Reasoning
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Math Maps (Part 2)

Unit 6: Bringing It All Together
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Objective: SWBAT determine estimated time of arrival using miles per hour and distance traveled.

Big Idea: Students apply what they have learned about time, division, fractions, and mathematical reasoning to solve problems

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