Reflection: High Quality Task Breaking the Code: Understanding Good Reader Strategies (Right Side Activity) - Section 3: Lesson Wrap Up


This lesson went very well AFTER the foldable.  This was my first attempt at foldables with this group so far this year.  I have found that students love foldables and do a very good job with them, but the assembly of them is by far the hardest part especially on the second day of school!!  

My students were able to produce foldables that reflect their knowledge and understanding of good reader strategies and their visual representations will hopefully give them another tool to recall the strategies when they need them.  

Continual practice is required so that students KNOW they are using a strategy and know which strategy to turn to when they are having trouble with comprehension.  The wonderful thing about this tool, though, is that my students have something to return to if necessary.

  High Quality Task: Reflection
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Breaking the Code: Understanding Good Reader Strategies (Right Side Activity)

Unit 2: Good Reader Tricks Revealed
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBT name, define and represent the good reader strategies in a foldable in their Interactive Student Notebooks.

Big Idea: Being able to read and understand both fiction and nonfiction texts is not a magic trick.

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English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), Reading, interactive notebook, foldable
  40 minutes
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