Reflection: Student Ownership Mentor Text: Word Choice in Writing - Section 3: Sharing our Writing


Students need very concrete examples at this age.  Asking them to come up with tier two words or descriptive words is too abstract for them.  So, I provided a "Banish Boring Words" Book that contains tier two words to use in their writing.  All they had to do is choose from the list. As they choose words, they are encouraged to look up the meaning in a dictionary.  Students are learning new vocabulary as they write.

  Word LIst
  Student Ownership: Word LIst
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Mentor Text: Word Choice in Writing

Unit 12: Mentor Texts
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT add descriptive and precise details to their narrative writing.

Big Idea: How can mentor text model effective word choice in writing ?

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, word choice, mentor tex, six traits writing , literary device, writing conventions
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