Reflection: Checks for Understanding Mentor Text: Organization in Writing - Section 1: Introducing the Mentor Text


     As students listened to the presentation, I noticed they seemed a bit confused.  The Tale of Desperaux is a novel they had read, but they needed more proof that it was an exemplar text on writing organization.  So, we took quite some time analyzing the story and plotting selected parts of the story onto the four square organizer.  Once students saw it visually, they were able to grasp this concept.  The modeling of filling out the graphic organizer while analyzing the organization and structure of Despereaux was the eye opening experience students needed to understand this concept.  Once students saw a concrete representation of story organization, they understood the components of the exemplar text.

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Mentor Text: Organization in Writing

Unit 12: Mentor Texts
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT organize writing in logical order and developed structure.

Big Idea: How can mentor texts model organization in writing ?

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English / Language Arts, idea (Composition), Writing, Writing Process, mentor text, six tratis, literary device, writing conventions
  60 minutes
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