Reflection: Accountability Palindromes - Section 3: Working On Palindromes


Some students in my class wanted to color columns and modify the activity to be odd and even patterns.  This shortening of the activity required me to modify the activity to create accountability with the students.  Rather than having the students use the entire chart at one time, I had these students cut their charts into individual strips of numbers.  The students worked on one strip at a time and then glued the colored strips onto a blank piece of paper.

  Finding Patterns
  Accountability: Finding Patterns
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Unit 8: Review for Testing
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Objective: SWBAT determine if a sum created from adding two numbers together creates a plaindrome to find a pattern on a 100 chart.

Big Idea: Students use addition skills and knowledge of properties to find sums that result in a palindrome when two numbers are added together.

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