Reflection: Student Ownership Mentor Text: Voice in Writing - Section 2: Developing Writing Skills


    Students relied on their partners for support.  As I circulated during their brainstorming discussions, I noticed students for the most part were working cooperatively and productively together.  The work sample a student shared demonstrated a good understanding of voice and its purpose in writing. However, students did struggle to develop a clear understanding of voice.  Some students need more guidance and additional modeling.  The graphic organizer and list of emotions that describe voice were concrete ways that were most helpful to teach this abstract concept.

  Student Ownership: writing together
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Mentor Text: Voice in Writing

Unit 12: Mentor Texts
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use voice to reveal the writer's personality.

Big Idea: How can mentor text help develop voice in writing ?

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, voice, six traits writing , mentor text, mentor books, literary device, writing conventions
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