Reflection: Rules and Consequences First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey! - Section 2: Motivation for Class Norms/Rules


Attached you will find a document that I use to track attendance, tardies, and discipline in my classroom.  This document is something that I open up at the start of the period, and leave open the entire day as I add changes and notes to it.  I have found it especially handy for making notes about students, and keeping track of tardies.  It is also very helpful when it comes to conferencing with parents or students (which can also be documented on the spreadsheet).  As 21st century teachers, it is not uncommon for us to gather data on our students academic performance.  However, what is slightly more uncommon is when we gather this type of data.  It has been a very handy tool for me,  I hope you will find it useful too!

  Rules and Consequences: Attendance and Discipline Tracker
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First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey!

Unit 1: Culture Building Unit - Welcome to the New Year!
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Objective: SWBAT take an active role in shaping the culture of the classroom and learn about the value of the math practice standards.

Big Idea: With riddles, funny interviews, mission statements and slogans, this culture building unit helps get the year off to an exciting start!

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Math, Algebra, Algebra II, master teacher project
  45 minutes
sample slogans
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