Reflection: Student Ownership Mentor Text: Dialogue - Section 2: Writing with Dialogue


This lesson in writing dialogue combines both technical and creative aspects of writing.  It can get very complicated.  I made sure I was available to guide my students each step of this process.  We begin by selecting a topic and planning details on the type of dialogue the characters will participate in.  Since this lesson is  focused on dialogue writing, I ask students to focus on writing a short caption that uses dialogue.  It is less intimidating for second graders to begin the writing process with short captions and later expand into narrative essays.  This lesson focuses on the beginning steps.  Students need much practice in order to feel comfortable with writing dialogue within their stories.  However, their work sample of dialogue writing indicate that they are making some progress, small steps at a time.

  Student Ownership: grammar and creativity
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Mentor Text: Dialogue

Unit 12: Mentor Texts
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Objective: SWBAT use dialogue to add details to their narrative writing.

Big Idea: How can students use mentor text to develop writing skills?

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English / Language Arts, literary technique, Writing, Writing Process, mentor text, dialogue, literary device, writing conventions
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