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Students measuring and comparing data was the most engaging part of the lesson for the students. The students were able to demonstrate their skills to a peer without  fear of being incorrect. Some of the students needed assistance in completing the task, and their partners had the opportunity to assist in finding items or helping in measuring items they already had located.  

It was interesting for me to hear the students discuss measurement techniques, including lining up the item to the edge of the ruler, or recounting the fraction measurements. When some of the students realized they had used an item with an exact inch measurement, their partners asked them to go find other items and so remain accountable to the directions of the lesson.

  Student Checks For Accuracy
  Diverse Entry Points: Student Checks For Accuracy
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Measuring With Quarter Inches

Unit 9: Measurement
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT measure items and record lengths using inches and quarter inch fractions.

Big Idea: Students build measuring skills using quarter inch measurements.

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